GPL Skulltag Master

What Is This?

This is a completely GPL master server for the closed source Doom source port, Skulltag. This project aims to provide a free and open Master Server that any user may use. Regardless of the user's status with the Skulltag community, they should be allowed to utilize some master server regardless if they are blacklisted or not. You may also use this to create a private server list for your own group of people, whether it be a clan, group, or some other social structure.

Why Should I Use This?

Where Can I Get It?

You may download the program's source code along with a Win32 binary at

What's The Latest?

The latest version is 0.9.5.

Where's The Bleeding Edge Stuff?

It is located in the Project's GIT Repository git:// You could also go to to look at the source code.

Can I Help Out?

Yes you can, so you should contact me

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